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Our Story, Our Mission, and Our World

Our Story:

My name is Don and I wasn’t always a carpenter. I was your everyday home owner after my wife and I saved up a deposit to purchase our first property. The property was an ugly duckling, but had the bones to be a beautiful home. Our D.I.Y journey started here as we scrapped together the money to renovate our home one room at a time. I soon realised just how much work goes into a renovation and a huge chunk of the work was outsourced to professionals, after all they were tradesman, so surely they would do the right thing. Wrong! We discovered that finding good, honest tradesmen wasn’t as easy as we thought and we were left with subpar and unfinished work as a result. Ultimately, our poor tradesman choices and naive faith cost us thousands as we had to rectify already “finished” jobs in order to complete our home. It was at this point that I realised I wanted to gain the experience, qualifications and skills required to offer a quality, transparent service to everyday people renovating their homes.

Our Mission:

To offer a quality trade service to everyday people who are renovating, restoring the shine to their properties before sale day, or simply updating their space with small, but much needed home improvements. To checkout some of the Asona Home Improvement options visit our services.

Our Word:

At Asona we promise to deliver a superior trade service through punctuality, transparency and a customised approach to helping you achieve your desired look. Our craftsman ship speaks for itself, just take a look at some of the amazing testimonials from past clients.

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